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Indicative Experience of our Team Members

Pharmaceutical, Telco, Food, Training, Public authority Training services 2014 Contractor
Telecommunications Customer Experience Awareness 2014 Contractor
Public Services Organization-wide Policies development 2014 to date Contractor
Public Sector / Manufacturing ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 development, implementation, certification & support 2014 to date Contractor
Holding Company 360o Assessment, Leadership Competencies and Functional Competencies development 2013 to date Contractor
Banking SecureMobileApplication Implementation and 2-years support 2013 to date Contractor
Banking ApplicationCodeReview 2013 Contractor
Banking ISO27001Renewal&ISDocument Maintenance 2013 to date Contractor
Construction ISO9001&OHSAS18001 development, implementation, certification & support 2013 to date Contractor
Health Care ISO27001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301support 2013 to date Contractor
Health Care ISO27001 support 2013 to date Contractor
Public Sector / Ministry ISO27001support 2013 to date Contractor
Holding Company ITServiceManagementsupportasper ITILrequirements 2012 to date Contractor
Manufacturing Sales Process Optimization Project 2012 Contractor
University / Research Centre ISO 27001:2005 & ISO 9001:2008 development, implementation, certification & continuous support 2012 to date Contractor
ISP Automation of CobIT Process Frameworks and ISO 27001 using well established document management and workflow platform 2012 to date Contractor
ISP COBIT® 4.1 design and implementation roadmap development 2012 Contractor
Technology Incubators Centre ISO 9001:2008 development, implementation & certification 2013 Contractor
Petrochemicals ISO 27001 development, implementation & certification 2011 Sub-contractor
Insurance Business Continuity Review of existing documentation (strategy, policy, DR plans, Crisis management arrangements, Awareness & Training), recommendations and roadmap for BS 25999 certification. 2011 Contractor
Petrochemicals Enterprise Risk Management Implementation 2010 Sub-contractor
Banking ISO 27001 implementation & certification 2009 Sub-contractor
Banking Document and Workflow Management using Automated Platform, Microsoft SharePoint 2011 Sub-contractor
ISP Network Infrastructure Security Project 2009 Sub-contractor
Public Services (Airport) ISO 27001 Gap Analysis project 2009 Sub-contractor
Services (Hotel) Centralized Network Asset Monitoring and Security, Microsoft System Center 2010 Sub-contractor
Public Sector / Ministry ISO 27001 Preparation / Gap Analysis Project 2010 Sub-contractor
Banking Enterprise Antivirus Solution, McAfee e- Policy Orchestrator 2009 Sub-contractor
Telecoms Information Security Management System development & implementation for the Data Network Services Department 2009 Sub-contractor
Telecoms Provision of Information Security Awareness Training 2007 Sub-contractor
Telecoms ISO 27001 development, implementation,Certification and support 2007 – 2009 Sub-contractor
Banking ISO 27001 development, implementation & certification for the entire bank operations 2006-2008 Sub-contractor
Telecommunications Develop specific information security documents (Procedure for the Contact with Authorities, Third Party Connectivity Risk Assessment Methodology, Logging & Monitoring Procedure, Network Administration Policy, Statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements 2008 Sub-contractor
Public Sector / Ministry Perimeter Security and Network Monitoring, Checkpoint Firewall 2008 Sub-contractor
Telecommunications Information Security Processes Review & Development of Awareness Program 2008 Sub-contractor
Public Sector (Transportation) Security Awareness Assessment & Campaign Project using Social Engineering Scenarios 2007 Sub-contractor
IT Information Security Training 2007 Sub-contractor
Petrochemicals Information Protection Awareness Project 2007 Sub-contractor
Public Sector / Ministry Distributed Protocol Analysis Solution to Identify and Analyze Potential Security Threats, Distributed Sniffer 2007 Sub-contractor
Finance Risk Assessment Project for the Information Security Department 2007 Sub-contractor
Banking Enterprise Antivirus Solution, McAfee e- Policy Orchestrator 2006 Sub-contractor
Manufacturing Protocol Analysis Solution for Site Interconnection Optimization, Sniffer 2005 Sub-contractor