• Business Continuity Management

    Information in our era is a very valuable asset in our organization. Customers contact’s data, suppliers, contractors, orders and purchases, employees and payrolls, contracts and agreements, policies and procedures, all of them codified in a (or various) strange format(s) are being rested in your IT equipment. Most of them can be considered very important for your enterprise functionality. Also, they can be considered very “sensitive”, by the meaning that if somebody else will have access on that, a major problem will come up for your organization.

    But what are your measures for the case of a business-disrupting incident? You might have a very good system for fire detection, even an automatic fire suppress system to protect your facilities in the event of a fire. You certainly have locks on the doors of your buildings, so each person can’t enter your facilities uninvited. Are you sure you have the equivalent measures for your personnel, facilities, assets and data? Can you assure your stakeholders that your enterprise will continue to operate, even after a major incident will take place?

    ISO 22301 is a certifiable management system which helps you to take all appropriate preventive measures to continue your operations smoothly, even if the worst case scenario of business disruption arises. Some of the benefits include:

    • Protects your business by pro-actively planning measures against all type of threats
    • Flexibility during disruptions
    • Minimize business risk
    • Cost savings
    • Improves brand name reputation
    • Strengthen internal management during times of disruption

    Tekpaths can assist you in the whole process: by identifying your needs, help your steps towards development, implementation and certification and support you even after certification. All as part to ensure visible and measurable Results towards your success.