• Information Security Management

    As Information Technology expands, the more vulnerable the information processed by your systems become. Additionally, more and more threats are being deployed every day. Hacking, sniffing, spooling, DoS attacks, Password cracking, and many more terms are being contained in every day discussions, causing the fear for our business information and its security. “What if…” scenarios are occupying our mind during and after each of such discussions. What if my order has not been sent correctly? What if the competitor gained access to my new business plan? What if my website is not functioning as it should? Myriads of such questions are overwhelming us.

    Is there any solution to IT security? Total secure system doesn’t exist. It should be so isolated that it will be useless, even for you, its owner. But there are ways to proactively organize your IT Security Management System, calculate the risk for each and any threat, organize re-actions against them and, finally, face and oppose these threats with the minimum “accepted” impact to your organization.

    As far as you decide and establish such a system, wouldn’t it be better to communicate it to your stakeholders? The ISO 27001 ensures and certifies through accurate procedures, that you are the owner of a well-established IT Security Management System. What are your benefits of this certification?

    • Improves feeling of security to your stakeholders (clients, suppliers, contractors, board of directors, etc.)
    • Minimizes impact of threats
    • Decreases vulnerability
    • Assesses potential risk and pre-actively directs solutions to encounter it
    • Better organization of your assets
    • Improves brand name reputation

    Tekpaths can assist you in the whole process: by identifying your needs, help your steps towards development, implementation and certification and support you even after certification. All as part to ensure visible and measurable Results towards your success.

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