• Lean Six Sigma

    Lean Six Sigma is the “happy marriage” of two well established and effective methodologies: Lean and Six Sigma. Lean Management has to do with synchronizing your “production” (output) with your “customer” demand (requirements) no matter if the customer is an external or an internal one, as is the next process step in a production chain.

    Let’s suppose that you have to deliver a new service or produce a new product. One approach is to design all service steps and/or produce all the parts, put them in an inventory and wait for the delivery/assembly processes. And then, you deliver/assemble the service/product and wait for marketing, promotion and other activities before selling it to the market. According to Lean Management this is waste (of time, money, peoples’ effort).

    In a Lean Six Sigma implementation or even a seminar you learn tools helping you to identify waste opportunities and eliminate them. Every step in a process produces exactly the output the next step needs, in exact the right quality, so no waste appears.

    Keep in your mind that re-work (something is out of specifications so we have to redesign it or rebuild it) is waste. Every word that starts with “re-” is waste: review, rebuild, revisit, realign, recalibrate, etc. Lean process means that the output is correct the first time with minimal resource usage.

    Six Sigma is a systematic methodology helping us to identify the inputs of a process step that influence the output the most.

    What are the potential benefits for your organization:

    • All forms of waste are controlled in a cost and time effective way
    • We know where to invest money
    • We satisfy our KPIs sooner and better
    • We create products of higher quality in shorter time
    • We satisfy stakeholder’s requirements in a controlled way

    Tekpaths can help you to train your personnel in order to use Lean Six Sigma in such extent that you will see your organization to move in a better and safer path that was moving up to this moment. Finally, your investment will be positive.

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