• Information Security (IS)

    Today’s organizations need to trust their IT infrastructure. This means that they expect from it at least the following:

    1. To satisfy the organization’s criteria of availability and continuity
    2. To guarantee the confidentiality of organization’s data

    Data and network security is not a commodity from the experience and knowledge perspective. Although you can find many companies and a lot of professionals offering this kind of solutions, what you really need is someone able to understand your exact needs and design the best way of defense for your organization. Market knowledge and years of experience is Technology Paths’ advantage in this field. Our engineers started from network engineers and became consultants able (after at least 20 years of experience) to offer you the best.

    Benefits of cooperating with us for Information Security solutions are:

    • You get the solution you need paying exactly what you should.
    • You know in advance the risks we estimate you are subject of and decide what to do with them before start buying 6-figure cost applications.
    • You can monitor your solution and be sure that it works exactly like it should and that you have the ROI you want.