Following ISO procedures, monitor their effectiveness and keeping records of their workflow could be very difficult without automation. Fortunately today, many solutions are available for this task. The key point is to adopt a platform with the following characteristics:

    • Integration with existing infrastructure and applications.
    • User-oriented approach
    • Escalation and expansion possibilities
    • Reliable and easy to support

    NESTOS® has all of the above because it is based on the well-established Microsoft SharePoint platform. Some of the features that NESTOS® as a SharePoint Web Application can offer are:

    • Integration with Outlook and mobiles:
      • You can have ISO forms in your smartphone and/or your tablet and use it wherever you work.
    • Digital Signatures and non-repudiation:
      • The InfoPath forms NESTOS® use can be digitally signed and no need for print-outs exists anymore.
    • Business Intelligence and Performance Monitoring:
      • Taking advantage of the out-of-the-box features of SharePoint and SQL Server Business Intelligence editions NESTOS® can offer all the necessary information for calculating the performance of the ISO system and present it in a variety of formats (PDF, Excel, etc.)
    • Cooperation with other applications:
      • Process data used by NESTOS® can be imported from any other application (ERP, CRM, etc.) even in real time. You can choose a “database replication” technique (as an aggressive approach) or you can configure NESTOS® to just accept e-mails with files in any format sent by your application to be analyzed and visualize their content.

    So, why to use NESTOS® for Process Automation? Because it gives you the advantage you need.